2011-12 Sponsor Appreciation

With the World Cup slalom season-opener less than two weeks away, I am very happy to be writing this update to announce my sponsors for the 2011-12 season. With the exception of Worldplay – which was my headgear sponsor last season – all of my sponsors are back on board, as well as a few other companies that are new to my support network.

Kidco ConstructionTo begin with, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Kidco Construction Ltd., which has now become my longest-running sponsor. Back in 2007 when I was returning to racing after recovering from a broken tibia/fibula, and torn ACL/MCL, Kidco took a chance on me and became my jacket patch sponsor. At that time, I was an aspiring Olympian, with a rather large uphill battle in front of me. Having sat on the sidelines for the previous two seasons while rehabbing, I couldn’t show any recent results or even guarantee that my knee and leg would be strong enough to return to competitive ski racing. To walk into their office and proclaim that I wanted to represent Canada at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games was a lofty statement to say the least. It would have been very easy for them to look at this proposal as being far too risky. They took a chance on me and for that I am incredibly grateful. I am proud to wear the Kidco logo as one of my jacket patch sponsors.

Kidco Construction Ltd. is a full service earth moving contractor, specializing in Highways, Municipal Public Works, Residential and Commercial Land Development. Some of their recently completed projects around the Calgary area include work on the Stoney Trail extension, and Deerfoot Trail upgrade.



EllisDonMy second jacket patch sponsor this year is EllisDon. After coming on board prior to the 2010-11 season, EllisDon elevated their sponsorship this year to become my second jacket patch sponsor. With this, their company’s logo will be far more visible as it will appear on all of my team wear. I will wear the EllisDon logo proudly and will work hard to instill their confidence as we move forward together.

EllisDon is one of the largest building contractors in Canada with an international presence and an exhaustive array of construction-related consulting services. EllisDon is a global company headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, with an international résumé of completed projects. EllisDon even has ties to the Olympics, having worked on some of the facilities for the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece.


Crescent Point Energy Corp.

Returning for a third year is Crescent Point Energy Corp., a Calgary-based conventional oil and gas producer with assets strategically focused in Western Canada. Crescent Point has been very generous with supporting local Calgary athletes.



Scollard Energy Inc.

Scollard Energy Inc. - a private oil and natural gas exploration and production company focused largely in central Alberta, Canada - is also back with me for a second season. On top of being a solid sponsor, Scollard has helped me get my foot in the door with some of my newer sponsors over the last 5 months.



LandSolutions LP

New this season is LandSolutions LP, a company with proven expertise in land acquisition and management services for the oil and gas industry, power generation and transmission industry, and public infrastructure providers. Eerily similar to my injury, the President of LandSolutions also broke his leg in a recreational skiing accident, so they understand the adversity I faced and hurdles I had to overcome when returning to the sport.


LandSolutions LP

Also new this year is TerraMer, a clean technology company based in Calgary, Alberta. The President & CEO of the company is arguably one of Calgary’s biggest philanthropists, and is responsible for more than 35 start-ups in various sectors. I am really looking forward to having TerraMer on board, and hopefully I can learn a couple secrets about success from him along the way.


McElhanney Land Surverys Ltd.

Another new sponsor of mine this season is McElhanney Land Surveys Ltd – a surveying and mapping company. The McElhanney group of companies was also involved in building some of the new infrastructure for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver.



A supporter since the 2009-10 season, momentumQUEST is again committed for this upcoming season. MomentumQUEST is a Calgary based management and information technology consulting group with one overarching goal: to increase performance. My condolences are with Barry and Lynne as they lost their long-time friend and business partner Bob Faught to cancer earlier this year.



Sydco Energy Inc.

Back again for the second year is Sydco Energy Inc., a Calgary-based company specialized in optimization of existing oil and gas fields through implementation of enhanced recovery.



Amara Dirks PhotographyPeak PhotographyPaintbox Lodge

A big thank-you also to Amara Dirks Photography and Peak Photography who have provided some incredible photos over the years, and to former teammate Thomas Grandi, owner of Paintbox Lodge in Canmore, Alberta, who provided me with some in-kind donations.


This season is going to be an awesome one, and I am extremely fortunate to have such an incredible group of sponsors. I wouldn’t be able to chase my dreams if it wasn’t for these folks, and my hat (or ski helmet for that matter) goes off to each and every one of them.

Yours truly,


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